A “holiday 2021” Steam Deck launch is no mo, fo sho

If you were hoping to get your hands on a Steam Deck this Christmas, be ready for a major letdown. Due to supply chain issues, Valve’s handheld device won’t make the intended “holidays 2021” release window.

Should we be really surprised? I hate to say it, but we shouldn’t. With global component shortages making headlines for months on end, chances of a smooth launch were already slim, to begin with. Just look around you. PlayStation can’t keep up with the demands, Xbox can’t, PC gamers are spending a small fortune on GPUs because of chip shortages… it’s a madhouse, honestly.

A delay in Valve’s Steam Deck launch was bound to hit us, and as of yesterday, it did. Every pre-order candidate has received an e-mail, telling them about the unfortunate situation. That e-mail also comes with a new release window, which fortunately isn’t that far off from the original plan. The new plan is to ship the devices early 2022. February, to be exact. And they’re really sorry about that. Honestly.

“Again, we’re sorry we won’t be able to make our original ship date. We’ll continue working to improve reservation dates based on the new timeline, and will keep folks updated as we go.”

For the record though, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get yours in February. Valve is going by a “first come, first serve” principle. If you are of the lucky ones that got through when the pre-order registration went live (lucky me), you’ll be one of the first to receive the Steam Deck.

Did you forget to pre-order your Steam Deck? No worries. You still can. For $399, Valve offers you the 64GB entry-level version. For 130 bucks more, you’ll get the 256GB one. If you choose to go all-out and spend a whoppin’ $649, you’ll be the proud recipient of a 512GB edition with anti-glare etched glass. Fancy schmancy. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to wait a little longer.