Star Wars: Squadrons going into hyperdrive to join EA Play

EA Motive’s interstellar dogfight simulator Star Wars: Squadrons is a fair bit of fun, in particular in VR. Turning unfortunate Tie Fighter Pilots or X-wing jocks into Bantha fodder never seems to not amuse people. Therefore, EA has decided to add the game to EA Play and EA Play Pro. But before you rush off and leave me behind like a royal Obi-Wan – ditching the flaming remains of poor ol’ Anakin – “don’t get cocky kid”. The game isn’t on there yet, but it will be in less than twelve parsecs.

According to EA, Star Wars: Squadrons will be added “later in March”, which gives us some time to mentally prepare for some intense cockpit view action. EA has been giving upcoming recruits the option to do so since the release of the game, which was launched in October 2020. Anyone with an EA Play subscription can download a trial and bask in Star Wars: Squadrons’ glory for the duration of 10 hours, which is plenty of time to decide if it meets your expectations.

Speaking out of the personal experience, I can safely assure you that Star Wars: Squadrons is the closest you’ll get to a true space battle without hijacking a shuttle or sucking up to Uncle Elon, hoping he’ll lend you a craft. When enjoyed in VR, the immersion rises to its peak, even if it’s experienced with a slight screen door effect that is prominently there in the PlayStation VR. I could probably go on about this game for ages and you still wouldn’t have a clue what sentiment it really delivers, so here’s a trailer to get my point across.

Pretty neat, huh? If you like what you see, make sure you get yourself an EA Play subscription (which is included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass for PC, by the way). Or, and just hear me out for a second, you can just save yourself the hassle of paying a monthly fee and just go to a store and buy Star Wars: Squadrons. You know… a store. Those buildings with stuff in ’em that the people inside actually want to sell? I know. It’s bizarre.