The Force is alive in this Jedi: Survivor announcement trailer

“There is another.” Alright, alright… thanks to guys like Jeff Grubb, we all knew this was coming. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is real, and now we have proof. From the original source, that is. EA and Respawn have pulled the cover off of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – the sequel to Fallen Order – and immediately hit us with incredibly existential questions.

Imagine this happening to you: The Empire is chasing you like a dog and you’re starting to figure out you’re probably the last of your kind. On top of that, your only companion is a beep-booping droid named BD-1 (available from August 1 at Lego and selected retailers*). Well, it happens to Cal Kestis (who’s not included in the aforementioned Lego set) and it screams sequel material to Fallen Order. While we’re not at liberty to show gameplay footage just yet, there is a neat CGI trailer. Take a look below.

Did you see that? And did you see those lightsabers? Goddamn… it’s amazing what “advanced technology” can produce these days. No wonder Survivor isn’t coming to PS4 and Xbox One. They’d probably explode like a Death Star after a proton torpedo to the exhaust port.

Oh, by the way, Jeff was right about a release window, too. Forget about a 2022 launch. It’s gonna be 2023.

*No, I’m not getting sponsored by Lego (if only…)