Stalker 2 delayed, now creeping towards a December release

Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl – GSC Game World’s highly anticipated sequel – is not going to make its original release date anymore. Instead of April 28, Stalker 2 is now scheduled to launch on December 8. The reason? The obvious one. The game is in dire need of polishing.

It’s the type of news you’re never hoping for, but also the kind that seems to be inevitable nowadays. Like many games before it, Stalker 2 gets hit with the good ol’ delay. With COVID still raging like an absolute mofo, delays are almost unavoidable. But if a delay is needed to iron out the last kinks, most of us are most willing to accept it.

Therefore, GSC Game World is taking some extra months to make Stalker 2 the game people expect it to be. I know, it sucks post-apocalyptic irradiated ass, but face it. Would you rather play a disappointing post-apocalyptic open-world game instead? If so, man, you must have been totally over the moon when you were playing Fallout 76 when it launched.

Then again, you are able to play that former trainwreck of a game on PlayStation, which will not be the case with Stalker 2. When the game launches – December 8 – it’ll be available on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Game Pass members will even be able to grab their copy for free on day one. Joink!

Oh, just in case you haven’t the slightest clue what I’ve been talking about the entire time, feast your eyes on a nice gameplay trailer. Blyat!