Ahhh… how the turn tables in Squirrel With A Gun

SQUIRREL! Back in the day, shouting ‘squirrel!’ would justify whipping out your side piece. “I’m sorry, officer, but I thought it was a squirrel…” Yeah, guess what? The squirrel community has had enough of your trigger happiness in Squirrel With A Gun, a game that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Because honestly, do I even need to explain what Squirrel With A Gun will be about? I mean, read the damn title. It’s literally about a squirrel with a gun. And trust me, armed rodents are an even bigger pest than unarmed ones. So you’d better leave some peanuts out tonight, buddy, or you might just get a cap in yo ass.

So, how much time do we have to prepare for rodent retaliation? Good question! No, that’s literally the provided answer on the game’s official Steam page. Because yes, it has a Steam page and if you’re interested, you’re free to wishlist it already. And why wouldn’t you? No, really? I mean, you can actually propel yourself by using the recoil of an uzi in this gem of a game. What more do you want?

But hey, if you’re really into this weird animal shit, you might even want to make a trip to Cologne next week. With Gamescom happening and all, why not treat yourself to a little bit of Goat Simulator 3, which happens to be there?

Anyway, sorry for the long post. Here’s a peanut.