Soulstorm developer feels like the odd one out in PS Plus deal

We probably all know the saying “you win some, you lose some”. Sometimes, taking a gamble can work out for you, and sometimes you’re shit out of luck. Lorne Lanning – the man behind the Oddworld series – feels like he’s experiencing the latter with Oddworld: Soulstorm. What seemed like a great deal has somehow turned into a major disappointment. Ain’t it funny how a huge success can still turn out to be a total financial disaster somehow?

If that’s too confusing for you, let me try to explain. If you’re a PlayStation 5 owner, chances are that you downed Oddworld: Soulstorm for free when it launched. The latest adventure of Abe the Mudokon was part of the PlayStation Plus program back in April 2021, in case you didn’t know. For Oddworld Inhabitants – developer of Soulstorm – striking a deal to include the game was sort of necessary to make a launch happen in the first place. The one-off fee paid by Sony was very much needed to pay off some debt, so they took it, thinking that the game would only be downloaded 50,000 times. 100,000 times tops. I mean, who was gonna own a PS5 anyway?

But little did they know that a delay from January to April would change the plans drastically. By the time Soulstorm was ready to be distributed, PS5 sales went through the roof. This meant that those calculated downloads didn’t even come close to the final number of close to 4 million downloads. And that hit Oddworld Inhabitants hard in the wallet. All of the sudden, that safe bet and guaranteed income didn’t outweigh the potential larger returns anymore.

But hey, I guess that’s the risk that studios should be willing to take. Some game developers might benefit from that guaranteed bag of cash and others might facepalm themselves later on, doing the math on how much they could have made.

Odds and evens, Lorne. Odds and evens…