Sony talks PlayStation VR2 and a Horizon game to go with it

Sony PlayStation has finally taken some time out of its schedule to talk about the future of PS VR. With leaks, speculations, and rumors going rampant, CES seemed like the perfect opportunity to do some unveiling. With CES currently in progress, news regarding a PlayStation’s new VR headset has been brought to the public. And with ‘news’ I mean ‘stuff that most of us already knew’, apart from the name and what seems to be a launch game in the Horizon franchise.

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a bit disappointed by Sony’s VR update. As we can read on PlayStation Blog, Sony went for a super original name for the PlayStation VR’s successor: PlayStation VR2. Wow! But wait, is that all? Nah, Sony also dropped some specs online, but most of those were already out there. But hey, maybe you didn’t get that memo yet. In that case, let me bring you up to speed.

As you might expect, the PlayStation VR2 brings quite a few upgrades to the table. Packed with an OLED display that produces a 2000×2040 resolution per eye, things should definitely look a lot crispier. With supported frame rates going up to 120Hz, animations will also be a lot smoother.

Better picture quality is much appreciated, but not having to deal with an external camera might be a bigger step forward for PS VR. As a PS VR owner, I can confirm that the current head tracking technology leaves a lot to be desired. Therefore, the PS VR2 will be fitted with integrated cameras that support inside-out tracking, similar to other recent VR headsets. There are even cameras inside that track your eyes. Neat-o.

Since the PlayStation VR2 will be hooked up to a PS5 (still not wireless, but at least it’s one cable instead of a huge multi-wired unit), the headset will also boast a few of the console’s unique features. With PS5, Sony introduced Sense Technology in the form of 3D audio and haptic feedback. These features are also incorporated in the PS VR2, bringing Tempest 3D AudioTech and tactile feedback to the headset. So you might wanna go easy on the nitrous oxide boosts if you don’t want to strain that pretty little neck of yours.

As previously announced by Sony, the PlayStation VR2 comes with new controllers as well. Gone are the days where you’re swinging some glow-in-the-dark dildos around. The PS VR2 Sense controllers come equipped with more of that heavenly technology, delighting us with haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and even finger-touch detection. Fancy schmancy.

But what good is all this if you don’t have any games to play on it. Exactly, nothing! That’s why Guerrilla Games – best known for Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West – are already working on an exclusive PS VR2 title. Bearing the name ‘Horizon Call of the Mountain’, the Amsterdam-based dev brings the mecha dinosaurs to the realm of VR. Wanna see? Let me take care of that for you. It ain’t much, but it’s something.

Siked? If so, I got bad news to wrap this post up. Unfortunately, there’s still no news on a possible launch window or even a price point. Then again, Sony might just hold the deets until enough customers have gotten their hands on a PlayStation 5. Cuz there’s no point in selling VR headsets if only a fraction of your demographic has a needed PS5, to begin with.