Sony appeases the Master Race with Inzone gaming gear

“Greetings, fellow youths, can we interest you in some pricey PC gear?” Sony is trying really hard to dip its toes into the dedicated Master Race community by presenting them with Inzone, a brand-new gaming gear line-up. If you have some money to burn and don’t mind the PlayStation 5 aesthetics, you can turn your whack shack into a black ‘n’ white Sony-powered gaming station this summer.

Because yes, it’ll cost you. Especially if you’re planning to go balls to the wall. So let’s see what all this Inzone’s all about, shall we? Okay, what is it that the Master Race obviously requires? A monitor would be nice. And a beefy headset, sure man. Let’s make ’em buy those. too.

First, monitors. Sony is giving the Master Race two options when it comes to 27-inch Inzone screens. There’s the “budget-friendly” M3, going for $529 and coming later this year. This is your prime choice if your rig isn’t pushing out 4K graphics, or if you desperately seek a 240Hz screen. According to Sony, the M3 boasts a 1ms gray-to-gray response time and VRR in HDMI 2.1 standard. As for HDR, the M3 features a DisplayHDR 400 certification, supporting 1.07 billion colors.

If you have deeper pockets, the M9 might be your favorite though. You might not be getting 240Hz (just 144Hz for the M9), but it will present you with 4K and high contrast by Full Array Local Dimming. The HDR is a little more advanced, too, featuring DisplayHDR 600 certification. That should give you more than 95% coverage of DCI-P3 color space. Neat-o! And all that for just $899 (or €1099 if you’re living in Europe).

This guy has the “Aw, f*ck, he just caught me playing on Sony hardware” look all over his face. New “Are you winning, son” template inbound.

Next up: headsets. As the ‘awkward moment’ dude above shows, Sony seeks to separate you from the outside world, creating very uncomfortable walk-ins. Inzone provides you with three options: wired, wireless, and wireless with noise-canceling.

Let’s take a look at the motherload version, the H9. Setting you back $299/€300, the H9 gives you up to 32 hours of noise-canceled 360 Spatial Sound. If you run out of juice, 10 minutes of quick charging should get you another hour of game time. And of course, the H9 is suuuuper comfy. I mean, look at the comfortable face on the guy in the picture.

But if you’re not a big fan of noise-canceling because you want to hear it when you’re about to get busted jacking it on Pornhub vids, the H7 might be your best option. For $229/€300, you’ll get all of the above, just without noise-canceling or the nice blue ring at the base of the headband. That does mean you’ll be able to squeeze an extra 8 hours out of the battery life.

Last but not least, there’s the wired version, the H3. Boasting an infinite battery life (since it doesn’t have any), the H3 comes in at $99/€100. So yeah, affordable, but being tethered to your rig does restrict you from a fast getaway, something the guy above could’ve attempted.

And best of all, it’s not just for the Master Race. Sony has also been keeping its PS5 fanbase in mind while designing the Inzone line-up. Hook that bad boi up to an M9 monitor and magic will happen. Auto HDR Tone Mapping will automatically optimize HDR settings. It’ll even automatically toggle between Cinema Mode and Game Mode when necessary.

Just think, man. How popular are you going to become when people see you playing all those PlayStation games on PC, rocking a full Sony Inzone setup? Yeah, you’ll finally be able to cancel that PornHub Pro sub, old tugger.