Days Gone director believes that Sony did them dirty

Imagine this. You’ve been toiling away at a project that took years to finish, costing you blood, sweat, and tears. Once out there, people don’t really seem to think it’s that special, denying you the critical acclaim you were hoping for. To make things worse, your publisher also doesn’t seem to be that impressed once the sales numbers are tallied up. You take one on the chin, cut your losses, and move on. Until everyone starts going all halleluja on another game, which hardly outperforms your “failed” game in total sales. According to Days Gone director Jeff Ross – not the comedian – that’s exactly what happened with Sony Bend’s open-world biker bonanza.

We can all agree that Days Gone’s road to victory didn’t exactly pan out as planned. Even though it really isn’t a sucky game, it just didn’t do as well as some might have hoped. Maybe people were too spoiled with The Last of Us, who knows? It just didn’t work out for everyone, media in particular. And for Sony, who’s claiming that sales figures were somewhat disappointing.

And let’s face it, Sony Bend might have accepted this if some people hadn’t done what they did on Twitter, praising Ghost of Tsushima for reaching the milestone of ‘8 million copies sold’. Because Days Gone has hit that milestone as well and then some, if Jeff Ross’ claims are true.

Luckily, Jeff got some acclaim from PlayStation’s former boss, Shawn Layden, who stepped down from his role as CEO because the bizz was giving him nightmares. Layden apparently LOVED Days Gone, praising the title for its ambition and – most of all – massive hordes.

Needless to say, Days Gone hasn’t been getting much love from Sony ever since, apart from getting a PC port. The chances of a sequel were already pretty slim, and since Jeff doesn’t feel the need to shut up about it anymore, he already sort of confessed that we should forget about it.

“I was planning on building on top of the original for a kick-ass sequel. Even the first Killzone got a 70 on Metacritic, but the sequel roared back with a 91. You gotta crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run.”

Instead, Bend is now “very passionately” working on a new IP, according to PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst. Hopefully, that game won’t get ruined by cheap-ass gamers who try to score everything for free. Because that’s the true reason why we’re not getting a Days Gone sequel. Isn’t that right, John Garvin?