Sony embraces cross-play as if it was never against it

Cross-play is a marvelous thing. Playing your favorite online multiplayer game with your BFF, regardless of the platform… pure bliss. You’d say that any company whose prime focus is to keep its demographic happy, would be totally on board with it. And many big gaming companies have, except for Sony, allegedly. But not anymore. Sony is trying to shake its ‘no cross-play’ image by claiming it wants to see more of it. Alrighty then!

It now turns out that PlayStation boss Jim Ryan is totally over the moon with cross-play. In a recent interview with Axios, Sony’s big cheese iterated that the tech giant “supports en encourages cross-play”, adding that it seems to work on quite a few big titles. You know, titles like Fortnite, Rocket League, and Call of Duty.

Ryan’s revelation of cross-play love does come across as a little extraordinary, given the fact that Sony is the one being accused of deliberately hindering cross-play. Not only was PlayStation the last one to support it, but developers have also been quite vocal about Sony’s non-cooperative behavior. Take Randy Pitchford’s Borderlands 3 tweet, for example.

The recent Apple versus Epic lawsuit put some extra fuel to the cross-play flames. During this dispute, claims were made that Epic paid Sony some big moolah so Fortnite could have cross-play. How much of that is true is hard to tell. Ryan refused to comment on a “live business issue with a long-standing partner”. Well okay then.

But hey, at least we can end this bit on a positive note. Sony thinks cross-play is the shit now and that’s just great. If only I had friends to cross-play with. And for the record, cross-play has got nothing to do with cross-dressing. Not that anybody minds if you’re into that. I won’t judge you.