Got a ‘Ready for PS5’ TV? Dump it for a ‘Perfect for PS5’ one

Imagine spending a fuckton of money on a ‘Ready for PS5’ Sony Bravia TV, only to see it become obsolete in one year. Well, Sony made suckers of all those early birds and already upgraded its Bravia XR line. Bearing the label ‘Perfect for PS5’, the new models are of course way better, so you’d better put your outdated ‘Ready for PS5’ junk on Craigslist.

In case you’re wondering what the big difference is, it pretty much boils down to two functions: Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode. According to Sony’s press release, both features are designed to give PS5 players the highest fidelity, no matter what they’re doing.

Auto HDR Tone Mapping takes care of the HDR settings when you set up your PS5. Pretty self-explanatory. Auto Genre Picture Mode tracks if you’re gaming or clapping cheeks (a.k.a. Netflixing) and sets the picture mode accordingly. Now that’s what we call climactic, right?

There’s just one problem with this new Sony Bravia XR line: the “old” line isn’t that old yet. In fact, the ‘Ready for PS5’ versions of Sony’s TV line are hardly a year old. PC gamers might have grown accustomed to annual hardware upgrades, but us console peasants aren’t.

Still, if you feel like shelling a few bucks on a new tube, might as well go big. So whaddayasay we go to the nearest appliance store to empty out your savings account? You might even get a nice “arigato” from Sony if you do. Or you could wait until the ‘Immaculate for PS5’ batch drops, leaving the ‘Perfect for PS5’ units in the dust. That might be next year. I dunno.