Is PlayStation bouncing PS Plus vouchers to avoid stacking?

If you’re planning on scouring the internet for cheap PlayStation Plus vouchers, you might want to rethink that. According to several people, PlayStation seems to be blocking the redemption of PS Plus vouchers if your subscription is still ongoing. The most obvious reason behind this move seems to be subscription stacking. And if you have no clue what I’m referring to, you’re probably a model subscriber that wasn’t looking to score cheap vouchers anyway.

But let’s just pretend you’re really oblivious to the matter of stacking. Basically, stacking means that you’re trying to redeem a whole bunch of those vouchers. Why would you wanna do that? Well… let’s say that you can save up to 50% on your annual PlayStation Plus fee by redeeming a discounted voucher. PlayStation Plus usually had a promotion sale every Black Friday and plenty of code resellers sell those discounted vouchers all year round. Say you buy 20 of those codes, you’d be set for the next 20 years if you’d redeem them all in one go, on the cheap.

And that’s what PlayStation reportedly wants to prevent. With PlayStation Plus heading towards a 3-tier system, the company’s looking to bounce cheapskates who’re trying to cheat the system. What system? Right, I should have mentioned. In case you didn’t read my article on the revamped PlayStation Plus plan (yet), let me explain that to you as well.

No mo Bikini Bottom price subscription fees. Sony wants “Money, money, money”

So, as you might have heard, PlayStation is trying to compete with Xbox Game Pass. How? By altering their current PlayStation Plus service. Technically, it’s combining PlayStation Plus and PlayStation now, and then some. To make it as accessible as possible, Sony offers three tiers to choose from. Tier 1 is like the regular PS Plus and costs the same. Tier 2 adds downloads and streams of various games (like Game Pass) but for an extra 40 bucks per year. And then there’s Tier 3, going balls to the wall for a price of $119.99. For all those backward compatibility freaks out there, this is the way to go as it offers games from all generations of PlayStation.

All caught up? Great. Time to delve into the real reason you’re here; the stacking story. Sony has explained earlier that upgrading to a higher tier merely requires subscribers to pay the difference. Just couch up those extra bucks and they’ll give you a tier boost. And that’s where the stacking business could have become beneficial. Because if you’ve topped up your subscription for the next few decades, you’d be looking at cheap(er) tier-2 or tier-3 subscriptions for a lifetime.

And that’s where Sony draws the line, obviously. The company has been pretty vocal about the sustainability of services like these ever since Game Pass took off. So you might understand why they’re not too keen on people trying to beat the system. And even though PlayStation hasn’t officially confirmed or denied anything yet, it did answer questions asked by affected voucher redeemers with the following statement (as reported on Resetera):

“Due to the upcoming changes in the PS plus subscription, currently the PS Plus stacking is not available as we have removed the ability to do that.

“We understand how important this is for you and we will have answers on how this will work once the new PS plus membership becomes available.

“I understand how frustrating this must be. I can only advise you wait until your current subscription is over then use your code. Extension/stacking is no longer available.”

So, again, you might want to save yourself the embarrassment and avoid those cheap PS Plus resellers. Because with a little bit of bad luck, you’ll be buying a whole lotta nothing.