Inflation hits Polyphony and Sony as car GT7 prices increase

Gasoline, sunflower oil, and even your trusty cup o’ Joe are doing a great job clearing out your wallet nowadays. Inflation is king and setting new records all around us. And since we’re slowly getting used to paying more for stuff that used to be somewhat affordable, Sony and Polyphony Digital decided to chime in. GT7’s update 1.15 is out there, raising in-game car value to match the real-world situation. Here we go again

According to Hagerty – the car insurance company Sony and Polyphony felt like partnering with – car prices have moved alongside the current inflation. And since Gran Turismo 7 is so incredibly real as a simulator, those developments must be reflected accordingly. That’s why update 1.15 increased the pricing on 27 cars.

If we’re to believe the datamined info GTPlanet, the price hike boils down to an average of 3.8%. But there are exceptions. The Ferrari F40, for instance. This wasn’t a cheap car, to begin with, but the new price tag is quite staggering. If you thought 1.35 million credits was bad, imagine getting 2.6 million of ’em charged this time around. Yikes!

Then again, not every car became unaffordable overnight. According to the same datamined intel, 21 cars are still at the same price level. Two of them have actually gotten a price drop.