Even modders won’t touch Sonic Origins anymore

When developers make boo-boos and publishers publish them, modders usually step in for some much-needed rectification. We’ve seen ’em do it with the GTA Trilogy, to name a recent rescue mod project. But when the mod community won’t even touch your game with a 10-foot pole, you know you’re done goofed. It turns out that Sonic Origins is one of those games.

Now, Sonic Origins’ alleged poor state has already led to some controversy. Simon Thomley (aka Stealth) – one of the responsible developers – wasn’t particularly happy with the end result, claiming that it was hardly the game he handed over to Sega. Sure, it wasn’t perfect. But given the circumstances, it was nothing unsalvagable. With a little TLC, time, and spitshine, Sonic Origins could be worth saving.

But modders beg to differ. A modder going by the name of Xanman claims that he went in with the best intentions but really couldn’t fix things without practically redoing the entire game. Work on BetterOrigins – the mod project he was working on – has therefore been halted, as we can read on GameBanana.

Hey, so we decided to stop the development of this project. After really digging into the files for this game, its become way clearer that this game is absolute shit. We’ve fixed enough where the game is a bit more serviceable but really, especially without scripts, there’s not a whole lot we can “fix” without just redoing sprites lmao. MAYBE I’ll come back to this in the future, when script editing becomes a thing. But for now, screw this game.

Yikes! I can’t imagine Sega being all too happy with claims like these. Having your games called shit by people who are known for fixing broken games, that’s gotta hurt. Oh well, better luck with Sonic Frontiers, Sega. Hopefully, we’ll start understanding that game before it launches.