Sonic Origins dev got bamboozled: “This isn’t what I turned in”

Imagine getting back your essay and getting an F because your co-writer turned it into a total pile of shit. Yes, Daniël. If you’re reading this: YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT WITH YOUR “TOM HANKS LED THE OMAHA BEACH CAMPAIGN ON D-DAY” NONSENSE! Pfew… got that out. Anywho, Headcannon Games’ Simon Thomley feels the same way. Why? Because Sonic Origins – a game he worked on – is far from perfect. Heck, he doesn’t even recognize it anymore. And that’s on Sega, he claims. Because this hot mess looks nothing like the game he turned in, even if that might have had some issues of its own.

Right off the bat, Thomley – who also goes by the name Stealth on socials – doesn’t deny that mistakes were made by the studio. Sonic Origins was developed by human beings, so mistakes can happen. Especially when the pressure’s on, shit happens. Things get overlooked and stuff gets rushed. And Stealth has no problem with acknowledging that. But the fact is that Sonic Origins – or rather the state it got launched in yesterday – differs quite a bit from the state Thomley last saw it in. And that’s something people need to understand. If we’re gonna point fingers, point them at the right people.

Because it’s not that Headcannon didn’t warn Sega about likely issues. As posted on Twitter, the studio actually asked Sega for more time to fix their mistakes. But Sega seems to be highly allergic to the word ‘delay’ when placed in one sentence with the word ‘Sonic’ and that request got denied. But to make matters worse, Sega did them dirty by publishing a Sonic Origins that hardly resembles the Origins turned in by the studio.

Thanks, Stealth! At least we now know that some of the issues posted on Sonic Retro aren’t entirely your fault. Things like collision issues, audio issues, Tails’ A.I. being fucked up issues. Stuff like that.

Oh well, at least we’ll still be able to download the original games on Steam. Unless we aren’t…