BREAKING NEWS: Sonic Frontiers won’t get delayed

It’s the kind of news that every gamer fears. Sega confirms that the scheduled release date for Sonic Frontiers remains unchanged. Due to sufficient developers and very few setbacks, the team sees no other option than to launch the game on time.

I know, it’s horrible. While the world is in dire need of more game delays, Sega defies all odds by actually launching a game on schedule. At least, that’s what Sega Sammy senior executive vice president Koichi Fukazawa and executive vice president Makoto Takahashi said during a Q1 briefing for the fiscal year, ending March 2023 (via VGC)

“We do not consider postponing the launch at this point.

“Within the communication with users, we intend to reflect the parts that can be reflected within the development timeline and to build empathy with users.

“Sonic IP is a mainstay title we will sell over the long term in the future, and we will continue to strengthen it in the next fiscal year onwards as well.”

Sonic Frontiers

Plus, postponing Sonic Frontiers could affect sales substantially. With the success of the movies impacting Sonic-related sales in general, delaying Frontiers would be a bad move.

“We have high expectations for Sonic Frontiers, the mainstay title that is scheduled to be launched this winter. In the previous film, repeat sales of Sonic titles grew and Sonic’s licensing business was also positively affected after the film was released.

“The same effect is expected in the film this time, which has become a bigger hit than the previous one, and while aiming to expand the reach of Sonic IP, we also want to aim for the upside for the new title.”

That’s right. And by the way, why would Sega delay Sonic Frontiers anyway? Because we’re asking for it? Or because we don’t get the concept after a boring gameplay trailer? Those are hardly legit reasons for a delay. Just wait. Once you’re able to experience Sonic Frontiers first-hand, you’ll be glad Sega didn’t delay it.

So, if you can, let Sega educate you in Cologne at Gamescom. According to Geoff Keighley, Sonic Frontiers will make an appearance during Opening Night Live. Then again, you might also just want to attend that show online. I’ve heard Germany is pretty hot this time of the year.