Someone’s been a bad bro and posted Diablo 4 stuff

The Diablo 4 “friends and family” alpha is in full swing and one of its members made a boo-boo. Because if there’s one thing Blizzard probably doesn’t want, it’s a leak. Well… I’m pretty sure one of Blizzard’s alpha testing bros didn’t quite get that memo since a short clip of Diablo 4’s UI got dumped online. Then again… NDA’s. Oh well, maybe the devil made him do it.

To temper your expectations, it’s only a 28-second video and doesn’t even contain actual gameplay. Instead, the leaker – who’ll probably see himself banned after this – gave us a sneak peek at some character customization screens.

Now, before we go all batshit and draw any premature conclusions after seeing this, may I remind you that this is an alpha? The stuff you just saw is all subject to change and it probably will. So if you’re slightly underwhelmed by the customization options, cool it. More face and body types might make it to Diablo 4 when it hits the shelves.

Unfortunately, that release comes later than previously communicated. A while back, Blizzard explained why it had to postpone two of its highly-anticipated games, Overwatch 2 being the one and Diablo 4 the other. Instead of a 2022 release, both of ’em got pushed back to 2023.

Oh well, I guess we’ll just wait for more leaks in the meanwhile. Let’s see who’s next in line to get his/her/their privileges revoked.