Skull & Bones beached again, not setting sail this year

Remember when everybody got hyped for Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones? I sure as shit don’t, but you might. This blatant “let’s sell the sailing part from AC: Black Flag as a separate game” project was supposed to come this year, last year, and the years before. Well, it turns out that the ship isn’t sailing again. According to Ubisoft, the game has been pushed towards 2022-2023. Arrrrrrgh!

To some, this might feel like a swashbuckle to the face. To be honest, I’m just wondering how many times a game can get postponed before people drop it altogether. Yves Guillemot – the Frenchie behind the wheel of this freight liner called Ubisoft – still holds a lot of enthusiasm for Skull & Bones. According to him, everything will eventually lead to a truly exceptional product. Yeah, we’ve heard that millions of times before.

“What we have been doing to make sure they could really come strongly with Skull & Bones is we increased the associate studios that are working with them at the moment so there’s a good and big team now working on the game and the last 12 months have really been good in terms of the way things were coming along, so we are confident they can really bring something really exceptional for the market.”

Are you still hyped for this Ubisoft Original Skull & Bones? Do you even know what it’s supposed to be? You know, I’ll drop a trailer down below, just to revive your memory a bit.