Skull & Bones hits a sandbank and gets delayed again

Jo-ho-hold up, skallywags! Just when Ubisoft seemed to get ready to lift the anchor, Skull & Bones beaches again. The French publisher has decided to push the pirate game back to March 9, 2023, giving the team more time to polish their game. Because if there’s one thing that they didn’t have enough of, it’s polishing time.

I mean, it was almost too good to be true. Skull & Bones, the game that has been in development since the actual age of pirating, finally got a November release date after countless delays. And for a moment we were actually inclined to believe Ubisoft. Because you can’t keep pushing a game back. It has to be done at some point. Especially since it was originally slated for 2018, making it ‘only’ four years late.

But the one thing that many have dreaded has occurred. People were about ready to start hoisting the main sail when Ubi decided to delay it yet again. And you know whose fault that is? Yours. You should have kept your trap shut and hadn’t given them your feedback during the Technical tests and Insider Program. Now they have to go fix those issues you reported. So thanks a million…

“While the game development is finished at this stage, the extra time will be used to further polish and balance the experience using players’ feedback from our Technical tests and Insider Program which happened over the past two weeks.

“This is the right decision both for our players and for the long-term success of the game as 9th March, 2023 provides for a suitable release window for this very unique new brand.”

If things keep going this way, Skull & Bones will launch sometime on PS7, Xbox Series 1080 Z, and PC.