Skull & Bones co-director jumps ship

Hey, do you remember Skull & Bones? You know, that “let’s take the pirate stuff from AC Black Flag and make it a stand-alone game” project that Ubi announced in 2017? Well, guess what. Its co-director – Antoine Henry – has bailed on his motley crew after nearly 15 years of employment. Arrrrgh!

Should we be surprised? If you’re an avid Linkedin browser, you shouldn’t be. Antoine mentioned his departure on the popular social network, thanking all of his former colleagues in the process.

For Ubisoft, Antoine’s departure couldn’t come at a worse time. Dealing with quite a bit of internal turmoil, the French publisher is starting to run out of employees. According to several sources, Ubisoft is currently experiencing an exodus of staff, most of them leaving because of shitty working conditions.

As for Skull & Bones, nobody seems to be able to keep track of that game anymore. Originally scheduled to set sail in late 2018, the game has been taking a new course ever since. In 2020, Ubisoft said that the game was taking a “new direction” with creative director Elisabeth Pellen at the helm. Promising that we’d see more in 2021 and that it would be “something bigger”, we are now looking at a release during the next fiscal year. In other words, after April 2022.