[RE-RHUM] Ubisoft is going to announce Skull & Bones

According to Tom Henderson – the anti-plumber of the gaming industry – Ubisoft’s planning to make a major announcement next month. It’s all pretty much a secret and Ubisoft is trying to keep it that way (as if…), but it’s allegedly a pirate-themed game. The kind in which you bob around on a boat, slurring yo-ho-ho, ruining the splendid day of other sailors. And the game will be called… wait for it… Skull & Bones. NO WAY!

Way. Who would’ve thought, right? Skull & Bones, super original, even if it does have a familiar ring to it. I mean, hasn’t Ubisoft announced a similar game with a similar title before? Correct. Skull & Bones got announced way back in 2017, when the VOC was still dominating the open seas. But hey, after countless attempts of mutiny and a few delays, Ubi’s pirate game finally seems to set sail. And I base that on the recently surfaced age ratings in Brazil and South Korea.

So, do we even remember what Skull & Bones is? Is your memory still serving you well or has the rhum taken a hefty chunk out of its capacity? If the latter is the case, take a look at the original announcement trailer.

Now, things might have changed a bit ever since. This trailer is now five frickin’ years old, so there’s bound to be some changes. Maybe not as much as in Sonic Origins, but the fluctuation in staff could’ve impacted the setup significantly.

Thankfully, there’s this thing called Twitter, and on it are people that like to leak stuff. Rebs Gaming is one of those individuals, even though we’re technically dealing with a repost. The post shows us 6 minutes’ worth of Skull & Bones gameplay, deleted by Ubisoft months ago. And if that’s true and the footage is actually old, it does seem to corroborate that the game’s practically finished.

Well, I guess we’ll see what’s what next month. Thanks for the leak, Tom!