The new Skate game will be free (of numbering)

Hey, remember how we talked about bagging the newest Skate game for free and how EA doesn’t want you to attempt it? Well, good news! Skate won’t even cost you a penny when it officially launches. That’s right, Skate will be available to all, cost-free and number-free.

Now, we all know where this free-to-play approach is going to take us, right? Everyone’s expecting Skate to be filled to the brim with microtransactions, loot boxes, and paywalls. But according to EA, there’s nothing to worry about. This is going to be the fairest of all F2P games if we’re to believe the statements made in The Board Room. Admitting that there will be microtransactions (gotta make money somehow, right?), the team promises that none of them are intrusive.

“Yes. We knew that to support a never-ending, ever-evolving, free-to-play world of Skate, we’d have to look into different models for the game itself, which means that there will be microtransactions. And we know that this is a sensitive subject. That’s why when we decided to explore this model we made some hard ground rules to follow.

The first one’s that Skate is not pay-to-win. There are no areas of gameplay or the map that you’ll have to pay to unlock. There won’t be any loot boxes and there’s no gameplay-altering advantages that you can pay for as well.

It doesn’t matter that you get some watered-down Skate either. This is going to be an authentic, bigger-than-ever game for the fans.”

Sounds great! And as they said themselves, it’s a model that can work. If it’s working for Apex Legends, it can work for this game.

As to the question of when, things get a little hazy. For now, Skate doesn’t have a release date. All we got was a very cliché “It’ll be ready when it’s ready”. But when it is, it’ll be rolling onto last-gen and next-gen consoles and PC. And to make sure that everyone can connect with anyone, no matter what platform they’re on, Skate will support cross-play and cross-progression.

And remember, kids. This is not a sequel. This is not Skate 4. It’s also not a prequel. It’s just Skate. No numbers, no nothing. It won’t be a series of games. This is it. Therefore the period at the end.