Players give GT7 the finger by cheating their way to riches

Ahhh… GT7. It has been a couple of hours since I last spoke of this once praised title. We can agree to disagree, but I’m not the only one bothered by its microtransaction bullshit. Since PlayStation and Polyphony don’t feel the need to un-nerf their nerf, gamers are finding ways to get their point across. One of those ways is through cheating, which has proven to be very, very effective.

So, short recap. People are pissed because the grind in GT7 was made even more tedious after the game had its in-game prize money reduced. According to the producer of Gran Turismo 7, this was done to reflect the value of the car, making you work for the acquisition. Especially since people were exploiting certain events, winning the same ones over and over to farm credits faster. Update 1.07 sought to counter that.

But hey, people aren’t stupid. Where there’s an issue, leave it to gamers to find a solution. In this case, PlayStation’s own Remote Play feature brought salvation. Well, that and a simple script, which was first posted to the PSNProfiles forum by user Septomor. This script enables players to runs laps of the same track over and over through the Remote Play app on Windows. Essentially, it wins races for you as you catch some zzz’s. Some claim to have made 15 million credits per day using this method, saving them $120 worth of microtransactions.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not endorsing cheating in any way or form. Cheaters are mostly the cancer of every multiplayer experience. But c’mon… GT7 had this coming. And for now, Sony doesn’t seem to take action against this lucrative credit farming method.

Do with that what you want. I predict that this method will get shot down by Sony sooner or later.