Shadow Warrior 3 gets release date, this time for real. Hayaaa!

Yeah, that’s right. Shadow Warrior 3 – containing the world’s third-most-popular Chinese guy after the Emotional Damage dude and Uncle Roger – is finally within our reach. According to Devolver Digital, the game should technically launch on March 1, 2022. Since Devolver has never given us reason to doubt them, we’ll gratefully accept this release date announcement.

Now, developer Flying Wild Hog did take its sweet time to polish this beautiful Chinese turd to perfection. With an original launch window set to 2021 and an onslaught of gameplay and delay trailers well behind us, Lo Wang lovers can finally look forward to actually playing Shadow Warrior 3. A super-duper special release date announcement trailer obviously had to be released beforehand. Therefore, let me show you a super-duper special release date announcement trailer of Shadow Warrior 3.

So, are we happy now? Does this spark joy? Over here, it sure does, even if Lo Wang sounds hella different. Which is obvious, considering that he’s being voiced by Mike Moh instead of Jason Liebrecht, the whitest dude to ever voice a Chinese dude, who took over from John William Galt, an even whiter dude, who’s now as white as he can be because he’s dead. #nodisrispect #ripjohnwilliamgalt

That doesn’t mean that this third Shadow Warrior is gonna be a totally different experience though. I mean, there’s bound to be countless dumb oneliners and visual craziness, as always. So just give it a go. You’ll eventually get the ‘wang’ of it.

Get it? Wang?…