Devolver promptly kicked a “serious” game out of Early Access

Devolver Digital – that seriously odd publisher known for not always going by the books – has gone off-script by launching a game without even giving a hint. Serious Sam, that not-so-serious halfbreed clone of Duke Nukem – is having beef with Mental again. And you know what that means… serious shootin’. Just not necessarily in the way you’re used to.

Because Serious Sam: Tormental ain’t no run-of-the-mill first-person shooter. Nope. This time, Sam will be tearing goons to shreds top-down style. Different, but also cool. Gamers familiar with Croteam’s Incubator program might recognize it as it was part of it in 2019. But as of now, Serious Sam: Tormental is locked and loaded, fully upgraded, and ready to knock your socks off.

Now, before y’all go ‘mental’ and ask me “WTF dude?”, chillax and think. I know, this ain’t exactly the Serious Sam we’re normally dealing with. Graphics aren’t all that and you won’t get any close-up decapitation shit. But it does have a nice Enter The Gungeon / I Hate Running Backwards vibe to it. And those games were pretty neat, now weren’t they?

So, what do you say? Should we give Serious Sam: Tormental a shot? Maybe, just maybe, if you do decide to give this game a chance, you’ll have a blast. I mean, it’s Serious Sam, for Pete’s sake. Just go to Steam and get the damn game already. It’s just ten bucks. What else are you gonna do with that? Get two gallons of gas? Where’s the fun in that. Seriously…