SEGA is reviewing which dormant IPs should get resuscitated

SEGA, who on planet Earth doesn’t know this ancient gaming giant? Plenty of ’80s kids have grown up with the unmistakable SEGA boot-up sound. Some of them might even have arthritis because of the not-so-ergonomically shaped controllers. Yeah, good times. What the hell ever happened to that SEGA? The SEGA that gave us IPs like Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, and Altered Beast? Well, that SEGA might just come back at some point in time.

According to SEGA’s latest earnings report, some of those dormant IPs might be taken off the respirator and jolted back to life. Franchises like Total War, Persona, and Sonic are still booming business, but SEGA is reviewing its options like any other commercial company. Those options include reviving old IPs but only after carefully examining them.

Among those old SEGA IPs are Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Shinobi, and Altered Beast. Streets of Rage also made the cut, even though that game just had a release of part 4. To be fair, Streets of Rage 4 was published by DotEmu – who’ll also give us a new Turtles game later this year – so that’s probably why it’s still on the dormant list.

House of the Dead and Virtua Fighter can obviously not be overlooked, but both of them are already getting some TLC. House of the Dead is already getting a remake. Virtua Fighter also has something going on, by the looks of it. According to a trailer launched in September of last year, the kicky-punchy arcade game will be making its return somehow.