The incubation time of Scorn has been extended to late 2022

The fans of Scorn – the H.R. Giger-styled FPS created by Ebb Software – will have to wait a little longer to get their fix. As explained on Scorn’s Kickstarter page, the development team needs more time to flesh things out to perfection. Too bad for all you Kickstarter backers, who have been waiting for more than three years now. Then again, they should also be grateful for getting a well-mannered update on the situation, unlike the one they got in November.

As always, delays are pretty much inevitable as a release window nears. When game development enters the final stage, wrinkles need to be ironed out before a game goes gold. And that means that people need to go wrinkle hunting, something that Rockstar should have done with the GTA Trilogy. But when games are wrinklier than a senior citizen after a 3-hour soak in the tub, you can’t possibly keep that estimated release window.

Now, I’m not saying that Scorn is a tragedy of a game, but a delay of a year isn’t something to take lightly. In fact, Ebb Software isn’t exactly specifying the reason behind the delay. All they have to say is that the team needs the time to make Scorn the experience that everyone deserves. And that – to me – sounds like another way of saying that Scorn is definitely in need of polishing.

But hey, if one year is all it takes to make this game a beauty, take it by all means. Nobody can deny that you only get one real shot if you really seek to impress an audience. Just ask CD Projekt RED, who figured out the hard way what hyping can do to your launch. I’m sure as fuck still excited, even if you blew us off a month ago…

The release of Scorn is now planned for October 2022, coming to PC and Xbox. If you’re a Game Pass subscriber – that service that obviously is super sustainable – you’ll even be able to pick free of charge when it launches. Awww yisssss…..