Ho-ho-holy fuck, Battlefield 2042’s Santa-skin is actually real

Remember when games like Battlefield were all about realism? Creating the most authentic battlefield experience without any bullshit? Well, you can obviously forget about that sentiment with Battlefield 2042, and a preview of the upcoming weekly mission rewards proves it. Also, if you believe Santa to be a jolly and peaceful fat dude, you might want to look away.

Yup, the team behind Battlefield has officially lost it. According to the Battlefield Bulletin channel on Twitter, Santa’s coming to Battlefield 2042. Okay, technically it’s not Santa, but Father Winter. Santa had them apple red cloaks, chins with the furrrr, everybody at DICE went duhhhhhr. They hit the low, last thing they know, players went no-no-no-no-no-no-no…

Believe it, people. Battlefield just went full Fortnite/Apex Legends and isn’t even trying to be a serious war sim anymore. I mean, what’s next? Will they swap out the heli’s for a magic sleigh? Are we gonna get a robotic reindeer? And what about burst-fire weapons, are those gonna make ho-ho-ho sounds? For fucks sake, DICE! Just fix your damn game already and stop fucking around. Leave the silliness to Epic and Respawn and give the fan base what it wants. You know, a proper Battlefield. Yeez…

Fortunately, it didn’t take DICE long to realize that including Santa wasn’t the best call at this moment. Responding to a flood wave of backlash, the developer explains how things came to be and why the content is being axed.

“…no plans to utilize all of them this Holiday.” How about not using them, period. Not this Holiday, not ever.