Roller Champions keeps on rolling, despite the rumors

Rollerskating, it’s an acquired taste. It’s the art of strapping some wheels to your kankles and rolling around on ’em. Sounds simple enough. Until you have to figure out how to stop gracefully. Some people – including me – head for the nearest wall, pole, unsuspecting bystander, or – in the extreme case – the floor to grind to a halt. But Ubisoft ain’t thinking about stopping. So the rumors of Roller Champions being canceled… those are all bullshit.

Yeah, I’m talking to you, Jeff Grubb. You might be a pro leaker by now, but for once, you weren’t exactly spot on. Granted, you basically responded to some hearsay on the Xbox Era podcast. You just quoted someone else shooting you a message.

But your words have reach, dude! Now, Ubisoft had to pull somebody away from the PR team to debunk your “claim”. Because really, Roller Champions is not getting canceled. In fact, Roller Champions is on a roll, even if it’s not the most successful free-to-play game out there. And yes, there might be a few annoyances that players find to be ‘irritating’, but those can be smoothed out. And that’s exactly why Roller Champions isn’t undoing its laces just yet.

See? There’s nothing to freak out over. Ubi isn’t canceling anything. Except for Splinter Cell VR and Ghost Recon Frontline, but that’s a whole other story. As long as Roller Champions keeps outperforming Hyper Scape – the free-to-play game that Ubisoft did kill quite abruptly – there’s nothing to worry about.