“Extremely disappointed” Rockstar responds to GTA 6 leak

Extremely disappointed, disheartened, but unyielding in its task to finish GTA 6 in time. Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games might have taken a pretty serious beating this weekend, but it ain’t down for the count. Responding to the recent GTA 6 gameplay footage leak – which is already considered one of the games industry’s most high-profile data leaks ever – Rockstar stresses that it won’t change any plans. GTA 6 is still coming and it’s definitely not getting delayed because of the leak.

In case you’ve missed the newsflash, Rockstar has been dealing with a massive heist of its own. Brought to light by an individual going by the screenname Teapotuberhacker, over 90 videos containing early development footage of GTA 6 made it out in the open. Some of these videos could’ve been considered debatable, but given the grand scale, the leak seemed legit. Even the industry’s pro-spoiler Jason Schreier seemed to back its authenticity. Not much later, Take-Two Interactive confirmed that the leaked footage was indeed GTA 6 gameplay.

Ever since, parent company Take-Two has been working around the clock to control the damage. Youtube videos were taken offline and even the GTA Forum – where the entire shitstorm originated – and subreddit got taken down. All that seems to remain now is a handful of screenshots and some tweets. With the leak mostly contained, Rockstar can now focus on the job at hand, finishing GTA 6 in time and reassuring that all will be fine. Even if there’s still that one problem revolving around the source code that somebody might be using as a bargaining chip.

See? Everything will be just fine, even if fake tweets made you believe otherwise. Even though Rockstar Games might be upset and in search of an alternative for Slack, GTA 6 is still coming. Just give it a couple of years and you’ll forget all about the half-finished footage you might have seen. And if it’s any consolation, someone out there considered this half-finished gameplay polished enough to pass as a Ubisoft game.