[REVIEW] Far Cry 6 – “Esta es la definición de locura, coño”

Has anyone ever told you the definition of insanity? The answer to that is most likely “yes”, and the one telling you was probably Far Cry 3’s antagonist Vaas. At some point in time, Ubisoft set the bar for open-world sandboxing with the Far Cry series, where part 3 pretty much became the golden standard. Vaas and his “definition of insanity” monologue, shit just couldn’t get any better, I suppose. Ironically enough, with Far Cry 6, the franchise repeats itself once more. But is that such a bad thing?

Short answer: No. Saying that you dislike Far Cry 6 because ‘it’s just another one of those Far Cry games’ is like hating grilled cheese because there’s cheese on it. And yes, this sixth installment might have a lot of things going on that are just a little too familiar, but hey. You can’t deny that Far Cry 6 isn’t giving us exactly what we should’ve expected. All the standard ingredients are there, from a tropical island to a heinous overlord.

In this case, the fictional tropical archipelago is called Yara, which is in no way affiliated with Cuba. It really isn’t, even though Ubisoft is making it way too obvious that the Castro administration is a source of inspiration. Yara has one thing going for it, and that’s their wonder tobacco Viviro. Their current Presidente Antón Castillo – portrayed by Giancarlo ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ Esposito – has this vision of making Yara a great nation again, utilizing their top-selling export product to achieve it. And that was all fine until people started reading the fine print in Antón’s election program.

The thing is that the tobacco itself isn’t that special unless it gets sprayed with poison. After that has been done, it becomes a miracle cure against cancer. And if you think that sounds like a humane enterprise, remember this: POI-SON. To cure mankind, others need to be sacrificed in the crop fields, harvesting the lethal leaves. And who better to sacrifice than the bottomfeeders on Yara, suppressed by Anton’s vast army and held in check with an iron fist. Until you – Dani Rojas – arrive at the scene, becoming the ultimate guerrilla fighter in the Yaran resistance army called Libertád. Where are labor unions when you need ’em, right?

You’re probably already seeing the bigger picture by now. A vast island, ruled by a vicious dictator who’s dealing medicinal whacky baccy, suppressing its residents in the process. Yara is a place that begs for exploration, extermination, and burning crop fields to the ground. Just like we did in Far Cry 5. At least we’re not dealing with religious freaks this time, but with military assets. Plus, Yara just has a lot more ambiance than Hope County had, but that’s a matter of personal taste.

And when it comes to ambiance, Yara has absolutely plenty of it. Venturing through the landscape is like walking through a big-ass rum commercial. Okay, it’s a rum commercial with a plethora of military cameos, but you probably get what I mean. And that’s most likely the biggest trump card that Far Cry 6 holds. The sheer beauty of Yara sometimes makes you forget that you’re basically repeating yourself time after time, while lead characters are constantly trying to be funny.

Because yes, one of the big issues that players seem to have is the way Ubisoft is trying to lighten the mood. For an island plunged into tyranny, people are surprisingly jolly. Wisecracks are thrown at you as if it were a sitcom, while people are getting murdered in the background. But once again, this shouldn’t really surprise us. Ubisoft isn’t making political statements here. It’s trying to entertain us. And what is more entertaining than a paraplegic dachshund for a companion and playing with your cock Mortal Kombat-style (which PETA isn’t a big fan of).

If you think that’s a little over-the-top, wait until you get equipped with ‘Resolver’, and in particular ‘Supremos’. These portable WMDs wreak havoc on a colossal scale and all you have to do is strap ’em on your back. Need homing missiles to clear the sky of pesky choppers? Take a Supremo! Once you get the hang of your weapons and took your time upgrading them with all kinds of attachments and skins, there’s nothing better than storming Castillo’s henchmen, and eventually his own casa. I guarantee you, it’ll be a blast.

And that’s exactly what Far Cry 6 is if you don’t mind the fact that it doesn’t really do much new. If you were done with Far Cry after part 4 or 5 (or the abysmal New Dawn spin-off), Far Cry 6 won’t win you over. But if you’re just looking for another Far Cry game that makes you go back and forth for twenty hours straight, leaving a path of death and destruction, Yara is the place to be. Just don’t take things too seriously. Ubisoft clearly didn’t.

Mas Far Cry, por favor
The Calientes
Yara is big, beautiful, and chock-full of Cuban ambiance
There's plenty to do for a guerrilla like Dani
Dani is actually a likeable protagonist for once
Gunplay is sweet, especially the Resolver and Supremos
The Nadas
Antón Castillo is great, but still no Vaas
Lead characters are mighty cheerful for being oppressed people