Returnal’s Suspend Cycle can unofficially function as full save

Remember when I told you that Housemarque’s Returnal got a save feature (sort of)? And do you also remember how I said that it’s a one-time thing? If not, you must have missed my post on Returnal’s one-time (sort of) save function called the Suspend Cycle feature. And even though one save is better than none whatsoever, people really felt the need for more saving functionality. That need can now be fulfilled, be it with a workaround. Gotta love gamers and their tenacity.

The workaround is actually pretty simple and I’m surprised I didn’t think of it. Since PlayStation has a cloud-based storage feature, game and save data is periodically uploaded to the cloud. And it’s exactly this feature that turns the Suspend Cycle into a full save, even though it was not designed to be.

One of the gamers whose life just became much more bearable is Joseph Yaden. Good ol’ Joseph discovered the method of “hacking” the Suspend Cycle by using PlayStation’s cloud server. By suspending Returnal and uploading the save to the cloud, players can create a safety backup for themselves. When the occasion arises that you snuff it in-game, you can just upload that save game from the cloud and resume at the suspension point. As Robert Muldoon once said to a fairly large lizard: “Clever girl…” (even though Joseph isn’t a girl, or is she? I can’t tell these days).

Still, this doesn’t mean that the Cycle has been broken entirely. The restrictions that come with it are still in full effect. The save can only be used once per session and won’t work during intense combat, boss battles, or cinematics.