Returnal players want a save feature, dev says “Ei” for now

If there’s one consensus to be made, it’s that Returnal is tough as nails. Finnish developer Housemarque thrives on getting your blood pressure to the point where it actually breaks the testing device. I also suspect that they’re getting a piece of PlayStation’s revenue pie, receiving a percentage of every new DualSense controller sold. Even though I’ve had loads of fun with Returnal, a save feature would be nice. Others seem to share that opinion and have reached out to the dev about it. The answer is, unfortunately, “Ei”.

That doesn’t mean that it’ll never happen. Many other roguelikes didn’t have the feature at launch or even close after it, but had it added in a later stage. In the case of Returnal, Housemarque acknowledges that it’s aware of the players’ request, but it doesn’t have anything to announce just yet.

“But why add a save feature to a roguelike?”, you might ask. Indeed, the character of a roguelike demands that you’re not being allowed to save your progress. Then again, a run from start to finish will literally take you hours to achieve, and not everybody has the time to do so continuously. Some people gotta work, you know? PlayStation 5’s Rest Mode can provide some form of a solution, be it a power-consuming one. Plus, if you live in a neighborhood where the power goes out regularly, you’re also shit out of luck.

Therefore, players suggest that Returnal should get a soft save feature, where auto-saves are automatically overwritten and players can’t select any. A save should also be deleted when the player dies. Sounds like a solid plan to me. Maybe Housemarque will come round one day to help a working brother/sister in a power shortage plagued hood out. In the meanwhile, have fun dying a lot.

Wanna know what this thing called Returnal is all about and how I feel about it? Give the review a try. It won’t kill you to read it. I promise.