Returnal finally lets you save your progress, but it’s single-use

Housemarque’s rogue-like sci-fi shooter Returnal has finally gotten itself a much-requested feature, sort of. The one thing missing – according to some – seemed to be an option to save your progress. Shutting down your PS5 mid-run meant starting over from your wrecked vehicle. Until now, that is. The version 2.0 patch has added a new ‘Suspend Cycle’ feature, which will be the closest thing to a save function we’ll be getting.

The one thing differentiating this Suspend Cycle feature from a proper save feature is its single-use state. You can basically create a one-time save point, which disappears when you resume your game. This means that you won’t have to keep your console running when you feel like taking a break from your winning streak. You know, to sleep and stuff. But it’s not the kind of save file you can revert to when shit goes sour. In a PlayStation Blog post, game director Harry Krueger – not related to Freddy – explains the deets.

By suspending the cycle, Returnal will simply create a single use suspend point, and once you resume playing the suspend point is deleted and cannot be used again. Your game will continue directly from the moment you left it, and if you want to suspend the cycle again, your progress will be captured from that new point onwards.

There are some limitations though. For instance, you can’t create a suspend point during a boss battle, cinematics, and intense combat scenarios. According to Housemarque, these sequences need to be experienced unfragmented to preserve the intended challenge and flow. So if you’re caught in a hectic situation, you can forget about sleep or going to work/school a little longer.

Then again, if your teacher/boss gives you lip because you’re late (again), you now have stylish means to show the reason for it. The version 2.0 patch not only adds suspend points, but it also introduces a Photo Mode. Since Atropos is horrific and gorgeous at the same time, why not take snazzy screenshots of it? The perfect picture is now just a press of a button away. As usual with Photo Modes, Returnal’s comes with options to adjust focal distance, aperture, saturation, and contrast. Make your adjustments manually or choose from a preset filter, it’s all up to you.

Just think of all the interstellar obituary pics you can take now…