You can soon die together in Returnal, thanks to Ascension

Housemarque’s Returnal is hard. Ask anyone who dared play it. The relentless landscape of Atropos – chockful of alien entities that are out for your demise – has many ways to kill you. And it will, numerous times. Don’t believe me? Read the review, which was also written by me, but still. Dying alone, over and over again, can become cumbersome. So why not die with a BFF? Soon you’ll be able to, as update 3.0 – named Ascension – will hit Returnal on March 23, adding campaign co-op.

This won’t make Returnal a walk in the park though, not by any means. But it will help you take down a few brutal SOBs that you deem too tough to crack on your lonesome. As mentioned on the PlayStation Blog, there’s even something in it for Player 2. Even though story progression is reserved for the host, helping that host out grants the helper a growing Scout Rank.

“Progression is tied to the host, so if you’re struggling to overcome a certain boss or biome, bringing in another player to help may open your road to triumph. Client players who join to help will also get to keep some progress they make – such as collecting logs and xenoglyphs – and the more games they assist with the more their Scout Rank will grow. ”

Then again, Returnal might be a breeze to others. People who laugh in the face of Elden Ring, for example. These individuals might seek more of a challenge, which Ascension should also provide in the form of the Tower of Sisyphus. Described by Housemarque as an “endless mode”, Tower of Sisyphus is a gauntlet of increasingly dangerous phases. After wiping out all life on one floor, you’ll be treated to another. And another. Aaaaand another. Until you snuff it.

Sounds swell, right? In two weeks, you’ll get your shot with Returnal: Ascension, available only on PlayStation 5