Return to Monkey Island returns on September 19

Return to Monkey Island… dear god. Name one recent announcement that caused more controversy than that one. Everyone got all gitty when Ron Gilbert spilled the bean on it and then, people flung those beans right back at him. Well… you might want to get some beans again because we’ve got news for you. Hint: Read the title.

Indeedio. Return to Monkey Island is returning in just a couple of weeks. And Geoff Keighley was the one to break it to us, so if you’re upset about it, throw beans at him. Or even better, throw those beans at yourself for being a whining SOB and let the real fans enjoy this good news. In fact, if all you can do is complain about Return to Monkey Island because “they changed the art style”, just leave before I decide to LeChuck you out myself. In the meanwhile, we’ll be checking out a new trailer.

So, what are you still waiting for? Pre-order that shit man! I know, I know… you should never pre-order, but it’s Ron Gilbert. What could possibly go wrong here?

P.S.: I’m totally not biased