These real-life Street Fighter renders might make your eyes bleed

The game Street Fighter sports an interesting bunch of brawlers. Take Blanka for instance, who is green, in case you might not have noticed. Guile is also quite the character with his fascinating hairdo. Then again, everything is possible in the world of animated individuals. It all looks cool and awesome until you transform these guys into real-life versions of themselves. Then they just become disturbing.

How do I know? Because someone (Siberian_644 on Twitter) took the time to post real-life versions of several Street Fighter brawlers, created with the help of AI. Some of ’em are okay, I guess, but others… damn. I mean, real-life Zangief is an absolute inspiration for birth control. Have a look. Just don’t sue me for psychological damages afterward.

Okay, nothing really shocking thus far, even though some of them are lacking every bit of resemblance. But the real horror is waiting right down below. Don’t say I didn’t warn you all!

Yeah, that’ll deffo give you pink eye. Fo sho. It just shows that AI isn’t quite where it needs to be yet. But the mere idea that Google’s algorithm is already being used to create these abominations… it’s slightly disturbing.

Have a nice evening. Try not to hit the sauce too hard tonight.