Rockstar ain’t in the mood for GTA4 and RDR1 remasters

According to reliable sources close to Rockstar and its plans, the publisher no longer feels the need to consider GTA4 and Red Dead Redemption remasters. One of the main reasons for it could be the poor reception of the GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition. Well, Rockstar, if you hadn’t fucked that one up so royally, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, now would we?

The reliable source in question is Tez2, a familiar name when it comes to prematurely leaking some of Rockstar’s plans. Tez2 claims that remasters of Grand Theft Auto 4 and Red Dead Redemption were once on the table. But the table got swept clean after a disastrous launch of the GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition. The fact that gamers around the globe didn’t really appreciate the bugs, optimization issues, and included “unintentional” dev notes left a bad taste in Rockstar’s mouth.

If you ask me, Rockstar’s lack of interest in more remasters feels based on internal stupidity. Basically, what they’re saying is: “We’re not doing it anymore because you ripped us a (deserved) new one. So, instead of humbly saying “we know we done goofed and we wanna redeem ourselves”, Rockstar kinda acts like a spoiled brat.

Oh well… too bad. I was kinda hoping to see how they’d screw those remasters up, I guess.