A moment of silence for Tommy Vercetti (and Ray Liotta)

Sad news has reached us from Vice City. Tommi Vercetti is no longer with us. And that’s because Ray Liotta – the actor that shaped Tommy to be the character that he was – has passed at the age of 67. According to Deadline (arguably the worst name for a source right now), Ray died in his sleep.

Alright, let’s skip the theatrics and play on words for a bit. Even though Instakilled (also not the best name, I suppose) is known for its comedic approach, it just doesn’t seem right at the moment. Because Ray Liotta, oh man… he wasn’t the greatest of actors in my book, but still a memorable one. If you were in need of a stereotypical American-Italian wise guy, you’d be advised to give Ray Liotta’s agent a call. And let’s face it, nobody can forget his unique performance in Goodfellas.

But there are plenty of people who are more familiar with the voice of Ray Liotta. Especially those who’ve played GTA: Vice City. Ray was the perfect cast for Tommy Vercetti. I mean, you won’t get the Best Performance award at the Spike Video Game Awards for nothing.

Unfortunately, we gotta let you go now, Ray. We’re gonna miss you, believe me. You made us laugh and you made us cry. Sometimes both at once. You were a good fella. Now rest in peace.