Rainbow Six Quarantine gameplay breaks out after huge leak

Non-Disclosure Agreement, or NDA for short. Game journalists have to sign those pretty often. You know, before entering a preview event. The same goes for technical testers. But it turns out not everyone reads them or seems to understand what NDA means. (No, it’s not a hip-hop group, Gary!) Ubisoft found that out the hard way, and now there’s an hour-long video of Rainbow Six Quarantine out there, spreading like wildfire.

The tester seems to be knowing what he was doing, sharing it through Facebook Gaming. Facebook isn’t quite quick on its feet when it comes to pulling copyrighted material. Unfortunately for all you Curious Georges out there, the tech company got the drop on it and removed the video. But if I may, I’d like to put a Star Wars reference here, because “there’s another”.

Before I send you off to this hour-long video of Rainbow Six Quarantine gameplay footage, I must warn you of the abysmal quality of it. It looks like it could use a pixel or two more and it just looks blocky as fuck. Not even squinting will help you here. Plus, you would maybe like to mute the video ASAP, unless you want your ears to start bleeding profusely. The music isn’t quite what you’d expect during a shooter. NDA, EDM… some people really don’t get it.

Are you ready, children? Ooooooooooh…

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

So what did we just see? Admittedly, there’s not a lot of action going on. That’s because we’re looking at a tutorial. But there is plenty of info in the video. We now know that missions are called Incursions and that the enemies are called Archaeans. The gameplay focuses on stealth, making the player retrieve samples and plant tracks. If the stealthy approach fails, the head of an Archaean will start glowing, similar to your auntie’s when she gets another one of her hot flashes. The biggest difference is that she won’t be dead set on killing you unless you crack one joke too many, I guess.

Anyway, Rainbow Six Siege players might have spotted a few familiar things in the video, too. Operators, for starters. Alibi, Lion, Vigil, Ela, Finka, and Tachanka’s presence are hard to miss in the video. Also, drones are back in the game, even though this video doesn’t show them in action.

In the meanwhile, Ubisoft is very much aware of the leak, explaining this is just a snippet of the gameplay and promising more details soon. But then again, leaking stuff is kinda Ubisofts MO when we start to get closer to E3, so we shouldn’t be that surprised.