Rainbow Six Extraction going for insertion on September 16

Rainbow Six Extraction, a.k.a Rainbow Six Quarantine, a.k.a Rainbow Six Parasite, finally has a release date. Ubisoft’s tactical first-person shooter will be going hot on September 16. To give us a clear visual on what to expect from it, the French publisher took to its live stream to show us some official gameplay footage.

The seven-minute video pretty much confirms all that we’ve been able to see before by diving into a bunch of leaks. As revealed by Ubisoft, we’re not fighting terrorists this time, but alien lifeforms. It will be up to a team of Operators to deal with this “unprecedented alien threat”, which requires weapons. Ubisoft promises there will be plenty and they’ll all be upgradable. To make sure that Rainbow Six Siege players won’t have to deal with new, unfamiliar Operators, 18 of them have been recycled.

All 18 Operators will be playable at launch, but you will have to do some shooting to unlock them. As shown in the trailer above, they need to be extracted from some alien clutches. The same goes for Operators going M.I.A. Leaving one behind means that you won’t be able to select that Operator anymore. So yeah, you might wanna think of that before you go all YOLO.

So, are you ready to kick some Spiker, Tormentor, and Apex keister? It won’t be long before you can extract some cash and fling it at Ubisoft. September 16 – launch day for Rainbow Six Extraction – is close by. The game will be coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S