[REVIEW] Rain on Your Parade – Raining supreme in fatuity

What’s the dumbest game you’re ever played? For me, there’s a couple of games that come to mind. Unfair Mario is one of ’em, but that’s more of a goof than a game. Omnibus was kinda obtuse, which I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for my significant other. Genital Jousting… thanks again for that, Devolver. The most recent example of a stupid game was Untitled Goose Game, which was loads of fun despite its dimwittedness. Rain on Your Parade is another one of those, for sure. It hardly serves a purpose and it gives you zero to no challenge to complete, yet still, I couldn’t stop playing it. Until it ended after 50 levels, which kinda rained on my parade.

Rain on Your Parade is a perfect mindless game for a rainy day. Or a sunny day. I don’t judge. Rain on Your Parade lets you do exactly as the title commands, which is making it rain. Not singles towards skimpy clothes boob jobs, but actual moist on everything beneath you. As a tiny cardboard cut-out cloud called Cloudy, your goal is to learn everything there is to know about being a cloud. You need to gain the ability to make it rain (obviously), make it snow, hit stuff with thunder, and creating whirlwinds. You’ll even learn a thing or two about famous clouds in history, even if that intel is slightly dodgy and strictly classified.

Why do you need to learn all that stuff? Because you want to get to the most wonderful place on Earth for clouds. You know… Seattle. Yeah. There’s nothing that excites a cloud more than scratching cloud butt on the Space Needle. But first, you need to grow a bit, acquire some shit, and deal with it. Easy enough. But easy doesn’t mean dull or boring, because Rain on Your Parade keeps things fresh enough to drag you through 50 short levels full of stuff to fuck up. Why isn’t really the question. Why not, is. Everybody wants to be a royal douchebag from time to time, and Rain on Your Parade grants you the opportunity.

I guess part of the folly also came from the fact that Unbound Creations – the developer of Rain on You Parade – didn’t shy away from Easter egging the shit out of the game. A clear and obvious Metal Gear Solid tribute has been put in the game by making you sneak through a Shadow Moses Island-ish level, where Cloudy is shrouded in a dark bandana. The same goes for the hit sitcom The Office. Not all Easter eggs are that obvious though, and some might even fly right over you, but you’ll recognize most of ’em in a heartbeat. I can assure you that I had a few giggles here and there.

Fortunately, Rain on Your Parade offers more than just emptying your cloud blatter on innocent by-passers. Completing levels and hitting the objectives grants you some in-game items, which are then safely stores in your wardrobe. Dress yourself up a bit with hats, attributes, and even design a custom face if you want. Nobody’s going to stop you from being the cloud that you desire to be. You can even take a quick pic of your attire with the nifty Picture Mode. Unfortunately, there’s no way of saving your custom looks or your snapshots. What a missed opportunity. Being a cloud and not being able to store it in the cloud. Whatever.

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Still, Rain on Your Parade gives you a few hours of fatuity for a little over a tenner. Some might find that price tag steep, but if you liked Untitled Goose Game, you’ll happily spend it on this game. Maybe you’ll even give it another go after you finish it, given that a New Game+ mode unlocks after completion. There’s also plenty of hidden objectives to find in several of the 50 levels, so why not explore every nook and cranny? Just let it all soak in and make the most of it. You’ll probably not regret it.

Raining Supreme!
The wet patches
You get to be a cloud
Absolutely absurd
Fucking up people's day is AWESOME!
Easter eggs are a hoot
Challenges are (de)light(full)
The dry spells
May be too short and simplistic for some
The occasional bug
Mouse and keyboard not advised (too bad, PC folks!)
No cloud storage of outfits