“Quantic Dream we are, Star Wars game we must make”

According to a few separate sources, Parisian Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream has felt the force lately. A Star Wars game is allegedly in the making and has been for the last 18 months. The rumor got sent into hyperspace by YouTuber Gautoz, but two other sources have joined him in spreading it. The third source even dares to spill the beans on the gameplay mechanics, which are pretty different from what we know of Quantic Dream.

As always, this is still to be considered a rumor, even if three people now claim it to be true. So take all of this with a bit of Crait salt. I know it’ll ruin your blood pressure, but like Senator Palpatine once said: Do it!

So, Star Wars game by Quantic Dream. That kicked up quite a bit of Tatooine dust. *Tusken Raider noises intensify*. A little under a week ago, YouTuber Gautoz made some bold claims that Quantic Dream had made a deal with Disney. Since the three-game exclusivity agreement with Sony had come to an end after Detroit: Become Human, David Gace reportedly had a chat with them. This allegedly resulted in an agreement between Disney and Quantic Dream to make a Star Wars game. All very vague and hardly totally trustworthy. Plausible at most.

But then, DualShockers corroborated the story by sharing their source. According to them, the game is really in development and has been for the last year and a half. When DualShockers’ author Tom Henderson shared the report on Twitter, Quantic Dream’s Twitter account gave it a like. Well, if that doesn’t make it a fact, I don’t know what will.

Maybe a third source will, which was brought to light by Kotaku. Their source basically confirmed all of the above but also stated that this Star Wars game will differ from QD’s latest games. Instead of going full QTE, this game should head into action-based open-world territory, possibly with multiplayer features. Which is great news, because that’ll save us scenarios like:

“Princess Leia tries to slide her tongue down your tonsils to give Han a serious case of blue balls.”

△: Nice! Finally some interstellar poon.

X: Eww! We’re not from Alabama, remember?

□: The Force is strong in my slacks, but resist… I… must…

○: Force push her to your bro Han since he’s the one simping on her.

Hmmm… choices, choices. Fortunately, we won’t be making those if the rumors are true. And rumors it’ll be until Disney or Quantic Dream steps forward with some kind of an announcement. If all the rumors eventually turn up to be false, please refrain from going all Dark Side. There’s no need to slaughter a bunch of tiny Padawans because it ain’t true. Just remember that Knights of the Old Republic is being remade. Feel better now?