Star Wars Eclipse

Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game is real and it’s called Eclipse

What was once a rumor, is now a fact. During The Game Awards, Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream unleashed a cinematic trailer of Eclipse, a narrative Star Wars experience in which choices matter. To be honest, we didn’t expect anything other than that, or did we?

According to the studio, Star Wars: Eclipse is set in an uncharted region of the Outer Rim during The High Republic era. Unfortunately, gameplay footage isn’t available yet since the game is currently in a very early stage of production. But we did get a nice cinematic trailer. The kind that’ll make your lightsaber grow. Check it out below, Padawan.

So? Waddaya think? Pretty sweet, huh? It looks like the ending EA deal will benefit the fans big time. With Quantic Dream’s outstanding reputation, I’m expecting nothing less than a masterpiece. Now let’s see what Ubisoft is up to since they have a Star Wars game in the pipeline as well. As long as they keep those Digits out, it might actually stand a chance.