PSVR Exclusive Moss: Book II can’t seem to book many sales

A little mouse has been telling that Moss: Book II is having a hard time finding PSVR gamers. According to PSN tracking site PSNProfiles, only 104 players are stepping into its virtual reality worldwide. That’s a harsh reality for developer Polyarc.

To put things into perspective, the first Moss sold over 20,000 in total. It needs to be said that Moss 2’s predecessor was launched on other VR platforms too, after serving a 5-month PSVR exclusive deal. And it’s very likely that same PSVR exclusiveness that’s harming current sales.

Let’s face it. Even though the PSVR works on PS5 – if you’ve snagged an adapter for it – Sony’s VR headset is quite outdated by now. With modern VR headsets offering inside-out tracking and a cordless experience, the PSVR is quite the hassle. That’s an opinion shared by many of its 5 million+ owners.

As for right now, Polyarc, unfortunately, has to accept the slow start that Moss: Book II is making. Maybe things will start looking brighter when the game hits other platforms, which is something Polyarc is working on diligently.

When it comes to that vastly outdated PSVR, reports claim that its successor – the PlayStation VR 2 – will take the headset to more modern specs. No more head-tracking through an external camera. And thank the lord for regular controllers instead of those clunky Move controllers.