PS5 gets External Storage support and it’s pretty much useless

The PlayStation 5 is a wonderful piece of technology. All them graphics, a super-fast SSD, and controllers that vibrate in more ways than we could ever dream of… Sony has really outdone itself. But there is one thing that bugs the living shit out of its users though. Storage, which is more limited than the number of vaccinated people in The Netherlands. But there’s a reason for rejoicing because according to a PlayStation Blog post, a new PS5 update will add External Storage Support. Unfortunately, it’s almost as useful as AR goggles on Stevie Wonder. Or a face mask on your chin.

Why? Because the external drive is only good for storing game data and nothing else. You can’t use your extra drive to run games from and you also can’t download directly to it. In order to store a game on it, you’ll have to download it to the internal storage and copy it to the external device. Yeah, I know. It ain’t exactly hassle-free.

After reading this, you might wonder why in the Sam Hill you’d ever consider using this feature if it’s so damn useless. The answer is “saving time”, a very valuable asset these days. Granted that you hook up a fast SSD, copying data from an external storage device to the internal SSD of the PlayStation 5 takes up less time than re-downloading the game.

Not the actual image of extended storage, so don’t sue me…

Not all hope is lost though. Sony has confirmed in the past that it’s working on internal storage expansion, which is a highly requested option. With some games joinking pretty much all of that available disk space, having a couple of games installed isn’t really a common thing anymore. Remember when you made fun of all those Xbox 360 Arcade owners for not being able to download more than two games on their console? Feel stupid now?

Even though this option isn’t quite available yet, you might want to save up for it first. SSD technology used in the PlayStation 5 might be groundbreaking, but it will most likely come at a groundbreaking price as well. To give you a ballpark figure, the official extended storage for the Xbox Series X costs over $200, and that’s for just a terabyte.