PS5 store shows PS3 games, fuels backward compatibility fire

When Jim Ryan recently boasted the coming of a much-requested feature on the PS5, nobody really paid attention to – what seemed to be – another marketing stunt. But with that comment in mind, PlayStation might be preparing for a backward compatibility announcement. And to be honest, it could have been a huge surprise, if people online weren’t as attentive as they are. Because dropping PS3 titles in your digital PS5 store – where they clearly don’t belong – does attract some attention.

To be clear, seeing old titles while browsing through the PlayStation Store on PS5 isn’t that exceptional. With PlayStation Now offering quite a few classics, bumping into those is pretty common. But this time, things are different. Instead of redirecting the user to PlayStation Now, people are presented with a price tag. And that raises a few eyebrows. Down below are a few examples.

There is still reason to believe that this is all just one big misunderstanding and this could all be the result of a technical error. People have already reported that actual purchases of PS3 games can’t be made in the PS5 store. But what is interesting is the fact that Dead or Alive 5 – one of the listed games – isn’t even available on PlayStation Now. So… what’s going on here?

In all honesty, making old-gen games available through backward compatibility has been on the top of the demands list of many PlayStation gamers. Therefore, making it finally happen could buy Sony some goodwill from the community. Then again, a big chunk of that community hasn’t even been able to buy a PS5 yet. Luckily, PlayStation tries to compensate for that by making more PS4 consoles, which makes total sense.

Or – and hear me out – this is just a huge ruse to secretly divert the attention so PlayStation can bamboozle us with that Game Pass competitor of theirs. Oooooohhhh…