Extra PS Plus upgrade charge was a “technical error”

It’s time to put our torches and pitchforks back in the shed and cancel our march to PlayStation HQ. The extra PS Plus upgrade costs charged to subscribers who bought the “old” PS Plus with a discount had nothing to do with Sony’s greediness. According to the Ask PlayStation Twitter account, it was all due to a “technical error”. See? PlayStation really isn’t the money-grabbin’ tech giant we claim it to be.

In case you missed the news, welcome back! While you were away, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 became a thing, Gollum got a precious release date, and PlayStation became the most hated company. PlayStation, of all companies. And only because it charged upgrading PS Plus members extra if they profited from sweet discounts previously.

But now, PlayStation gave its previous statement – made by the Hong Kong support team – a nice twist. On Twitter, PlayStation explained that the added PS Plus upgrade charges got caused by technical difficulties. People who got charged extra will get those extra costs back in the form of credit.

Of course, this also raises a few eyebrows. The double-charge shenanigans were no assumption. PlayStation Hong Kong actually admitted the extra charge in an official statement. So, by addressing it now as a “technical error”, PlayStation is basically saying that the Hong Kong team was left out of the loop. Or – and this is a very likely scenario – PlayStation wasn’t looking for a giant heap of shit and corrected its policy ASAP.

Anywho, it’s been settled and cheap PS Plus members won’t have to worry about additional charges. I guess PlayStation is a good, gamers-lovin’ company after all.