Project ILL competing for sickest horror shooter ever

I’ve got a question for you. How strong is your stomach? If you think you can handle quite a bit of grotesque and sickening horror, you might be able to stomach the next bit of news. Clout Games – a small team of game developers – is out for the “sickest horror game out there” award with a concept called Project ILL. And yes, it most certainly lives up to its name.

To be honest, I stumbled upon this potential GOTY-material by accident, casually browsing the web for interesting horror games in development. After playing, finishing, and reviewing Lust from Beyond, I thought I’d start searching for the next game on my ever-expanding backlog. Suddenly, out of the blue, Project ILL grabbed my attention and had me intrigued. Why? Because it looks too good to be true.

Quite frankly, it might just be. The guys at Clout Games haven’t really gotten to the point where they can show actual gameplay. The only thing out there is a few videos showing us some proof of concept. But if this is the kind of gameplay that Clout is aiming for, I’m most definitely going all-in on this one. Take a look for yourself, unless you’re trying to enjoy a nice meal.

If the video above isn’t gruesome enough for you, maybe the info provided by Clout Games paints you a better picture. The team aims to deliver a story-driven game that doesn’t rely on the standard spooky shit, but tries to make you barf as much as possible by going for detailed dismemberment and real-time body transformations. You know… something like this:

To me, it looks a little like the fucked-up lovechild of Resident Evil 7 and Dead Space, and I’m totally okay with that. There’s just one big disappointment: It ain’t coming real soon. The game is currently in a very early stage of the development process and an estimated release window hasn’t been given yet. To get the drop on that, Clout Games offers you to subscribe to their Patreon, where your donation can help them focus on getting this game done quicker. Patrons will also get the chance to play a demo, as soon as it’s ready to be distributed. Sign me up, puh-lease!

Wanna see more of this gut-wrenching horror of a shooter? Well okay, maybe I can share a cinematic trailer with you. Similar to the beginning of Resident Evil 7, it all starts with a nice car ride going so wrong, even AAA (American Automobile Association) won’t be able to help you out. Here it goes…

Have fun sleeping tonight!