Polyphony says sorry by making us millionaire car salespeople

After lots of complaints and debates about whether GT7 update 1.07 was designed to stimulate microtransactions, Gran Turismo 7 dev Polyphony bites the bullet. While acknowledging things did not go as planned, Kazunori Yamauchi apologizes for the inconvenience caused. And what says “I’m sorry” better than a million credits? Well, that… plus a new update making it possible to sell your old cars.

Polyphony has taken time to elaborately explain its feeling after getting flakked for a week. Update 1.07 – which nerfed Gran Turismo’s in-game winning substantially – wasn’t received well. And that’s putting it lightly. According to Yamauchi, Polyphony never intended to screw people over. The patch was merely designed to rebalance the inconsistent reward system. But he heard our cries of rage. And to compensate for our voices lost and tears shed, Polyphony digs deep into its credit pool.

This token of goodwill comes in the form of one million credits, which can be found in among your Roulette tickets. Before you rush out to get a copy of GT7 and claim that bonus, don’t. This peace offering only applies to players who bought the game before March 25. The offer won’t stand forever either. After April 25, the million-credit ticket expires.

But the buck doesn’t stop here. As Yamauchi was trying to say earlier, Gran Turismo 7 has a long-term vision. This long-term vision now includes the option to sell your raggedy-ass hand-me-downs. If your interest only lies in owning supercars, you can offload those classic hot hatches taking up garage space. In the future, that is.

Polyphony makes us sell our cars again

And about that nerfing done by patch 1.07… that’ll also get undone soon. At the beginning of April, a considerable patch will roll out, rebalancing the entire award system. According to Yamauchi, this should result in more winnings in later races. Rewards in the latter half of the World Series should see an increase of 100% on average. Online events are gonna pay out more prize money and Gold or Bronze rewards in any challenge will also earn you more credits.

That’s more like it, Polyphony. Now we’re getting places. If you’re interested in the full message from the studio, feel free to visit Gran Turismo 7’s official website.